What is it?
The so called Beckham Law is the Special Regime for workers displaced to Spanish territory. Which allows foreigners who come to live in Spain for work, to be taxed as non-residents for a maximum of 6 years. It is called the Beckham Law because the player was one of the first ones to benefit from it.
Beckham Law Numbers:
People who benefit from this law are taxed at a fixed rate of 24% up to €600,000, from this amount to 47% only on the income obtained in Spain. Benefiting from this law is optional, but certain requirements must be met in order to apply.
  1. The applicant can not have been resident in Spain in the last 5 years.
  2. The applicant must have an employment contract that justifies the transfer of this person to Spain, or that he is hired remotely with teleworking from Spain.
  3. The applicant cannot carry out an activity on his own account in the Spanish state, except that this is qualified as an entrepreneur according to the terms established in the regulation.
  4. There are deadlines that must be met, so we advise you to plan ahead.

Other advantages:

  • The applicant will be only taxed by a wealth tax for assets located in the Spanish state.
  • It will be no mandatory to present the 720 form.

In terms of deadlines and bureaucracy, it is not easy to submit the application to benefit from the Beckham law, even less for a person who comes from outside and is not familiar with the language or the administration. From Gestingral we offer the processing service of this law, as well as the preparation of the subsequent income statement.